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IT Strategy & review

An IT strategy is typically a long-term action plan for achieving a goal, set in the context of a rapidly changing technology environment. For any IT strategy to be effective it must have measurable links to a business strategy - and it is here that many IT strategies fail.

Oakleigh consulting with their wide experience in both business and technology areas across both public and private sector are accustomed to providing advice as to how best these links may be effectively put in place.

Too often IT strategy is seen as a 'one-off' exercise - perhaps a refresh of last years strategy, with only the buzz-words changed to reflect a changing technology scenario.

In our experience, the most effective IT strategies are those which not only link to a business strategy, but also combine tactics and logistics. We do not claim this as a unique insight - such a view can be traced back to Clause von Clausewitz, often referred to as the 'father of strategy', in his major work 'On War'.

How we have helped our clients

  • Delivered an independent internal IT strategy for UKERNA.
  • Provided a regular IS strategy review for a global re-insurance company which led them to a fundamental shift in their IT architecture as a result of advice given drawn from evidence-based conclusions.
  • Provided on-going ad-hoc strategy reviews for a leading insurance company.

"An independent, honest, external view is essential to any organisation seeking to respond to the changing business environment and achieve its mission to deliver the best possible service. Oakleigh consulting have these attributes and made a significant contribution in assisting us to attain our on-going developmental goals."

Chief Executive Officer, UKERNA

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