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Technology selection and review

Oakleigh have extensive experience of technology selection and review, having carried out many assignments in this area for a variety of clients in both public and private sector. As a result of their experience in this area, Oakleigh have developed a product evaluation methodology, named CLEAR which is, if necessary, augmented by additional tools and techniques.

CLEAR is a five step method for product selection and review evaluation and consists of the following steps:

  • Collate requirements
  • Locate possible candidates
  • Engage with identified candidates
  • Assess against requirements
  • Report findings

Oakleigh Consulting has broad and deep experience in a wide variety of technologies, usually gained by practical experience in project delivery but also as a result of our continuing monitoring of trends in the technology sector.

Our method works equally well when used for technology review as well as selection, providing a starting point for review, and is supported by tools and techniques developed from our experience of this kind of assignment.

We are impartial and independent and these attributes are highly valued by clients who use our service, as is our overall approach which, in conjunction with our method, is typically:

  • a mixture of hands-on practical work,
  • close involvement with our clients in both the technical and business areas
  • with a great emphasis on ensuring that our recommendations are clearly understood, rather than merely on the production of a weighty report.

For our clients we have delivered:

  • A review and evaluation of Microsoft's most recent operating system and Office solution against the requirements of the education sector for the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (BECTA).
  • A review and evaluation of the competitors to the Microsoft Office solution against its competitors.
  • An assessment of the cost to upgrade and implement to Microsoft's most recent operating system and Office solution enabling our client to make an informed decision as to the most appropriate recommendations for them to make.
  • A timeboxed assignment to produce technology evaluations for all finalists in the DCLG's Digital Challenge competition.
  • For a FTSE 100 client we assisted with the selection of a Voice over IP telephony system.

"Oakleigh Consulting provided invaluable technical assistance in the evaluation of the finalists of the Digital Challenge. The final stages of the Digital Challenge competition were conducted to an exacting timetable. Oakleigh Consulting made an excellent contribution by delivering a thorough and knowledgeable technical evaluation within our timescales. We were impressed with the breadth of their technical knowledge, and the rigour they applied to the evaluation"

Programme Manager, DCLG




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