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The expertise of Oakleigh's technology consultants has been used to deliver measurable value to many of our clients. Our technology division has deep and wide experience in:

  • Technology reviews - What technology is right for a particular requirement? Which one delivers best return on investment? How will it fit with your current technology estate?
  • IT strategy development - IT strategy is most effective when it is closely aligned with business strategy.
  • Technical architecture - Oakleigh's technology consultants have been successfully designing and delivering complex IT architectures for large and small clients for many years. We base much of our work on the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) enabling the design and delivery of pragmatic and vendor neutral solutions.
  • Process and application integration - Getting processes and applications to work together is an important exercise, often paying dividends in both efficiency and financial terms. This is even more true in the period following mergers and acquisitions (M&A), a period where Oakleigh has past experience in delivering real results.
  • Data migration - following M&A activity or during hardware or system consolidation the successful migration of data to new or existing systems is crucial - lost or malformed data can damage both company reputation and customer goodwill, ultimately damaging the balance sheet. Oakleigh has helped clients avoid this possibility through our data migration expertise.
  • Technical assurance - ensuring that technical implementation is/has been conducted concurrent with the requirements of the design and governance processes agreed between an organisation and its supplier.
  • Bespoke software development - Oakleigh's technology consultants have designed, developed and delivered successful bespoke software applications and functions for existing software that have added immediate and long-lasting value to our clients.

We take a pragmatic approach to our work and are focussed on adding value to our clients.

"Change and progress by their nature tend to be complex and messy things. Oakleigh Consulting's technology division have greatly assisted us in steering and delivering on our process improvement programme. Their knowledge and challenging approach to all aspects of this development has proved very valuable."

Chief Operating Officer, a UK PLC

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