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Our work for central government and agencies encpoasses the full range of consultancy services, examples of which include:

  • Managing successful programmes using the OGC toolkit as a basis, including MSP and PRINCE methodologies, some of which our consultants developed in conjunction with OGC.
  • Delivering policy objectives. We have robust and proven approaches to ensure success in a holistic manner. Many of our development programmes have been developed in partnership with the National School of Government (formerly the Civil Service College).
  • Achieving significant cashable savings and time-releasing efficiencies through the delivery of programmes of work to meet the aims of the Gershon report.
  • Managing significant procurements. We are on record as having saved the sector millions of pounds in the procurement process, while ensuring effective operational outcomes in deploying the services and products procured.
  • Optimising use of technology to meet business requirements. Our technology consultants are experienced in the alignment of technology with our clients’ visions - from ICT strategies to corporate knowledge strategies.

We have formed a collegiate relationship with Oakleigh consultants over a number of years now. I am certain we would not have had the clarity of direction and skill at implementing our business change without their support. They have become highly valued partners who have provided a unique mentoring role in guiding key individuals and, as a result, the wider organisation through its rite of passage to PPM and business maturity.

The unique experience of their consultants, drawn from senior management roles in the public service, has offered us an invaluable insight and support that is borne out of a genuine enthusiasm and personal interest to improve the way government works.

They have provided particularly supportive guidance and practical hands-on help without the hard sell. I have always been impressed by their honest and ethical approach to provide the right advice and service to achieve our outcomes. We would not have achieved what we have without them.

Oakleigh have both been responsive, flexible and ethical in helping us - often going beyond the letter of what is required in offering additional mentoring and networking services to see the outcomes through.

They have frequently provided us with their intellectual capital in applying techniques free of charge due to a genuine passion to improve the way government works.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Oakleigh to facilitate and implement organisational change and developing best practices. In retrospect I do not believe we could have reached the level of PPM maturity at such a rapid pace without them."

Head of PPM Unit, DEFRA

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