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Our core business is change management.

Whether supporting the public sector to deliver on its policy objectives or helping the private sector to improve its bottom line, we use robust and proven approaches to ensure success in a holistic manner.

We set up and manage projects and programmes from first principles; defining their scope, objectives, governance mechanisms, business cases, communications arrangements and benefits realisation plans.

Project and programme delivery is a core competence of the firm and we have managed highly complex change programmes across the public and private sectors.

We have reviewed hundreds of projects & delivered major programmes in which many millions of pounds are invested to ensure that change will deliver the expected benefits and that all barriers to success are addressed
and overcome.

Our Business Analysis services enable a transition to a new state in which our clients deliver real-world outcomes for the benefit of their organisation.

As a truly independent and trusted advisor we have helped clients to save many millions of pounds in procurement processes allowing them to redirect assets to where it will count most in financial sustainability or service quality

Whilst we are staunchly independent of the system supplier community our knowledge of the capabilities of systems and technology being marketed to both the public and private sectors is extensive. From to ICT Strategies to corporate knowledge strategies via software development and associated consultancy we help clients maximise the best use of technology to meet business requirements.

In the private sector, we understand how business processes and technology combined can deliver at the bottom line - whether through customer retention, process efficiency, acquisition driven changes or in the timely recognition of revenues.

Our leadership and organisational development division, Trans4mation, design innovative bespoke programmes which deliver sustained changes in behaviour and performance and are tailored to the needs of the client.

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