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Services to Utilities

Oakleigh Consulting has extensive practical experience in delivering all aspects of change to improve bottom line performance within the utility sector.

Our clients in the sector span energy, water and telco utilities.

Examples of our work of relevance across the whole sector include design and delivery of:

  • Billing solutions
  • Client servicing solutions
  • Fulfillment processes
  • Customer migration programs
  • Enabling promotion and sales of new non-utility products
  • Improving integration of campaign management with contact centre processes
  • Developing bespoke pricing solution for both gas and electricity customers

For our clients we have enabled:

  • Provision of online servicing to customers to enable them to manage their gas, electricity and telco products online.  This included provision of the ability to enter meter readings, set up direct debits and to view bills online
  • Implementation of real-time processing for billing and statementing
  • Integration of a newly acquired customer base.  Aspects of this were to provide a mirrored system for the migrating customer data – including changes to architecture to provide the necessary industry flow routing capability throughout the migration period
  • Migration of five million consumer and SME business customers from third party systems.
  • Migration of commercial customers onto a consumer billing system to provide the consolidation of the customer base and subsequent reduction in cost to serve by process rationalisation

Our work in this sector has been driven by business imperatives which include:

  • The need to improve customer experience
  • An ongoing desire to Increase process efficiency
  • A recognition of the need for ease in the addition of new products, both traditional and alternative
  • A focus on making the billing process more flexible and efficient

“Oakleigh Consulting’s Technology Division’s unique combination of innovation and experience led us to select them for a high-profile delivery project... It is a tribute to the Oakleigh organisation that they were able to provide such a high-quality solution within the aggressive time scales that we demanded.”

Customer Services Director, FTSE 100 Energy Retail organisation

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