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Oakleigh is supporting local government as it undergoes fundamental change; driving the development of new structures, capabilities, processes and ways of working.

We help local authorities to:

  • Mange change in a systematic way.
  • Improve outcomes through services redesign and aligning resources to achieve objectives.
  • Enhance performance through the development of organisational capacity.
  • Create cohesive partnerships that address the key challenges facing their communities.

"I worked with Oakleigh when I was Service Head of Risk Management with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Tower Hamlets wanted to develop consistent corporate approach to programme and project management. It was important that the approach reflected the diversity of projects and the Tower Hamlets way of working. Oakleigh worked with us to design, document and launch a PRINCE 2 compliant standard that was tailored to Tower Hamlets needs.

We were very happy with the result and had very positive feedback on the material. We also worked with Oakleigh on the launch, which was delivered through a series of half day workshops for senior managers, and subsequent training. We received excellent feedback from both.

The feedback forms are consistently scored at the top two levels across the headings. Their trainers engaged effectively with a variety of course participants, including very senior managers. I found Oakleigh easy to work with and very supportive. Once the guidance had been produced, they remained engaged with the implementation and development.

They have provided an excellent level of advice and support at all stages. They understood our needs and were active in their advice and support. I would be very happy to work with them again and I am happy to provide this testimonial."

Service Head of Risk Management, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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