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Justice and Home Affairs

Clients in Justice and Home Affairs are facing challenges of greater complexity than ever before.  Over the coming years, these challenges will need to be faced in a climate of unprecedented fiscal constraint.  The pressures to demonstrate that every pound spent delivers value have never been greater.  Yet the rate of change in the environment in which services need to be delivered is unrelenting. 

New operating models will increasingly emerge, driven by:

  • The tension between central targets and local accountability;
  • Increased collaboration between agencies and between sectors;
  • Heightened concerns about the balance between collective security and personal privacy;
  • Increasing questions about public confidence in government and its agencies;
  • Profound demographic, societal and technological changes.

Oakleigh has the experience and capabilities to support our clients in their journeys of change through these disorienting times.  Our consultants have experience of working in public, private and third sector organisations.  We can bring a deep understanding of the issues facing you and your partner organisations in education, health and local government, as well as in the private sector.  Our consultants understand the cultural differences and the similarities and the scope for synergies. 

Our disciplined approach to managing the people, process and technology elements of change ensures delivery of benefits.  Our approach ensures that IT strategies have measurable links into business strategies. We understand the value of established methodologies such as Prince2 and MSP for managing projects and programmes, especially those which are technology-enabled.  We also understand their limitations and are exceptionally well placed to assist with the incorporation of techniques such as Agile.  We can bring expertise in process improvement, both Lean and Six Sigma. More importantly, we are highly sensitised to the cultural implications of their adoption.

Finally, our style is to work with and alongside you.  We pride ourselves on developing sustained, long-term relationships of shared learning, not sustained dependency on an expert.  In an environment where best practice becomes challenged and superseded very quickly, the ability to learn collaboratively has never been more vital.

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