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The UK has been a pioneer in the field of public services reform. Over the past 30 years successive governments have sought to transform the delivery of public services through:

  • Greater accountability and transparency
  • Establishment of quasi-autonomous agencies
  • Devolution to regional and local authorities
  • Deployment of information & communication technologies
  • Introduction of market disciplines and private sector expertise
  • Mechanisms such as privatisation and private finance initiatives
  • Smart procurement and strategic sourcing

Some of these innovations have proved remarkably successful and provide benchmarks of international best practice. Some have not provided the added value expected and a few have failed.

Oakleigh is a management consultancy company specialising in change management within the public sector. We have been at the forefront of transformation of the UK’s public services, providing consultancy services over the past 10 years to every major department of state, the National Health Service, many regional and local authorities, as well as over 50 institutions of higher education. We worked closely with the UK government in introducing some of its most successful innovations. We have also helped the government recover initiatives at risk from poor programme and project management. We are, in short, an experienced company that the UK government trusts to start new projects and to take over responsibility for projects in danger of failure.

Public sector reform is now at the forefront of the international agenda. Many of the reforms pioneered in the UK have been adopted by governments around the world and in turn the UK now monitors international horizons to identify best practice from which it can benefit.

Oakleigh’s International Division is at the forefront of the globalisation of the public sector market for consultancy services. Our consultants have worked for governments in every continent and can supply culturally-sensitive expertise through a wide variety of languages. We aim to import international expertise to the benefit of our UK clients and to export UK expertise to clients overseas. Our international headquarters are based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and we have provided services to clients in Oman, UAE, Libya, West Indies and Ireland.

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