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Services to Higher Education

"We have engaged Oakleigh on three separate occasions and would not hesitate to use their services again in the future”. Project Director, University of Cambridge

We work with the higher education sector to:

  • Improve the student experience
  • Secure competitive advantage and business growth
  • Maximise benefits from new systems and processes

“The Oakleigh staff we have come in contact with have been conscientious, unobtrusive, polite, knowledgeable and always willing to help. We shall be using them again” Queen Mary’s College, University of London

We have worked with over 50 different HEIs reflecting the full spectrum of institutions.  Our consultants also work closely with BIS, UUK, the four Funding Councils, the mission groups, UCAS, JISC and many other significant agencies.

For UK HEIs we:

  • Facilitate and devise new institutional strategies
  • Conduct strategic reviews and develop new models of delivery
  • Advise on corporate governance processes and structures
  • Assess academic portfolios and the market for new programmes
  • Support major organisational change
  • Benchmark institutional performance
  • Manage complex business change including system implementation
  • Deliver business efficiency initiatives and ‘lean’ programmes
  • Enhance the use of business and market intelligence in institutional and departmental planning
  • Develop ICT and other strategies
  • Specify and procure new systems

For the funding councils and government we: 

  • Evaluate national policy initiatives
  • Review and assess the performance of sector agencies
  • Conduct research in support of new policy initiatives

Examples of Oakleigh’s track record with HEIs:

  • Canterbury Christ Church; Glamorgan and the University of the West of Scotland: Review of student systems.
  • Queen Mary, University of London; Review of Student Admissions and Planning.
  • School of Oriental and African Studies; Market research to support recruitment.

“The consultant went beyond the brief to provide additional options and observations that added value and provided evidence to facilitate adoption of the recommendations.” Vice Principal, SOAS

  • Warwick, Teesside, Leeds Metropolitan and Sheffield Hallam Universities: Reviews of recruitment and marketing operations.

I’d like to thank you and your team for a very thorough review exercise which has enabled the university to better understand the issues surrounding  organisation, structure and delivery processes associated with marketing and recruitment and has enabled us to identify a way forward with a view to improving our approach. Pro Vice Chancellor, Teesside University

  • University of the West Indies: Formation of a university consultancy company.
  • Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Kingston University, Dublin Institute of Technology: Business process reviews of student administration.

“The university employed Oakleigh to provide independent facilitation of its ExecutiveGroup’s strategic planning sessions. The facilitation was expert, engaged, well-judged,and creative. It went far beyond any routine approach to the organisation andstimulation of the discussions and was warmly welcomed by the senior staff involved.” Vice Principal, Post 1992 University

  • University of Warwick: Review of recruitment and marketing operations
  • University of Glamorgan: Review and options appraisal of student management information system implementation project
  • University of Newcastle: Design and management of an institutional student feedback process

“The Oakleigh team were highly co-operative” and “offered expertise on a complex area”. University of Newcastle PVC

  • Heriot-Watt University:Strategic client side advice on the procurement of a new student management information system
  • University of the West Indies: Support in the establishment of a university owned consultancy company

“The UWI deeply appreciated the professionalism, the application and continuous zest with which Oakleigh identified and executed the project.” VC, University of the West Indies

Examples of Oakleigh’s track record with Higher Education agencies:

  • Independent review group: review of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Higher Education Funding Council for England.
  • UCAS: Strategic stakeholder perceptions research.
  • Training and Development Agency for Schools: Initial evaluation of the Transition to Teaching Programme.
  • JISC: Identity management and life long learning; Review of best practice in timetabling and resource management; Access and identity management study.
  • Universities UK: Management guidance for governing bodies on the appointment of Vice Chancellors and Principals.
  • HEFCE: Interim evaluation of the Revolving Green Fund; Evaluation of Human Resource Management practice since 2001; Evaluation of the Disability Equality Partnership; Review of HERO Ltd; Formative evaluation of the LGM fund.
  • The four funding councils: Interim evaluation of the Higher Education Academy; Interim evaluation of the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

“The team from Oakleigh were a pleasure to work with. They demonstrated excellent analytical skills, which were critical to the project's success, as well as a high level ofpolitical awareness and sensitivity. Their depth of thinking, creativity and highlyanalytical approach means that I would not hesitate in recommending them to othersand inviting them to bid for further work.” Senior Policy Officer, HEFCE

“To successfully predict and plan for the future we need to fully understand the requirements of the communities we serve. Oakleigh has a talent for getting to the nub of what is needed, drawing out the issues that have true relevance to the successful development of our work”  JISC

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