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Financial services 

Oakleigh has a long track record of success in delivering end-to-end change management both in the financial services sector and in the provision of consultancy within the financial services divisions of our clients.

This is exemplified by our wide range of clients in this area, which includes HMRC, BACS, Benfields, Britannic Assurance (now part of the Resolution Group), Department of Trade and Industry and esure.

Examples of our financial services experience include:

  • For a FTSE 100 leading global corporate finance organisation, Oakleigh assisted with the successful implementation of an technologically advanced process automation solution
  • For the Audit Commission Oakleigh took responsibility for monitoring audit teams to complete assignments, acting in an audit manager role for a number of NHS Trust and PCT statutory audits. This work included the overriding project management of all related Audit Commission work for each client and the quality-assurance of audit work undertaken by junior team members
  • For esure we provide an individualised technology update and knowledge sharing service, including early warnings of disruptive technologies, and provision of an independent view of technology developments in the sector
  • For Benfields, the worlds leading reinsurance company, Oakleigh completed a global process definition and alignment exercise driven by their acquisition strategy
  • For a UK retail bank, Oakleigh contributed to a major business process re-engineering change programme driven by the need to consolidate operations to a single centre. As part of this programme, Oakleigh analysed the current cost base and identified immediate cost savings of £2 million per annum, created a ten-year forecast of operating, developed product oriented models of staff activity, based on existing work measurement systems, and identified unutilised staff hours
  • For a German-based global financial organisation, and working as part of a large change programme Oakleigh successfully negotiated Service Level Agreement’s with both partners and suppliers and ensured deliverables were on time to the agreed scope for front, middle and back office requirements

“Change and progress by their nature tend to be complex and messy things. Oakleigh Consulting have greatly assisted us in steering and delivering on our process improvement programme. Their knowledge and challenging approach to all aspects of this development has proved very valuable.”

Global Chief Operating Officer, Benfield Group

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