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Oakleigh has a broad engagement with the Education sector across the UK and internationally. We are a pre-qualified supplier to the Office of Government Commerce through the Catalist simplified procurement scheme, and appointed to the DfES Management Consultancy Framework.

We work for agencies and deliverers of education in:

  • Pre-school, school and 6th Form College provision
  • Further Education
  • Higher Education
  • Work Based Learning
  • Personal and Community Development Learning

Delivering system-wide benefits

We help our clients improve organisational performance and enhance the learner experience by supporting the delivery of:

  • Reduced bureaucracy and complexity at the frontline
  • Improved use of data and information to support learner progression
  • System-wide sharing of information between agencies and other bodies
  • Personalised learning

“The consultants displayed a deep understanding of the sector, a highly effective approach to securing consultee engagement and the necessary deftness in approaching issues of particular sensitivity.”

Head of Leadership, Governance and Management, HEFCE

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Fax: 0161 835 4101

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