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Facilitating change for departments and agencies

Successful and enduring management of change is about enabling change in all aspects of work and ensuring that they integrate completely – people, processes, information, technology and environment. Oakleigh has an established track record of facilitating change in the way Government delivers its services.

We are pleased to include among our clients:

  • Department for Education and Skills
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Home Office
  • Department for International Development
  • Departments of the devolved governments of
    Scotland and Wales

Delivering real world benefits

Many of our consultants come from successful careers as public servants. This gives us great insight into the workings of government and the challenges that the public sector faces. Our way of working is collaborative, supportive and sensitive to the ethos of the sector.

We continue to evolve new approaches to the management of risk in a fragile world to ensure that our clients can continue successful operation in the face of increasing challenge and adversity.

“We have formed a collegiate relationship with Oakleigh consultants over a number of years now. I am certain we would not have had the clarity of direction and skill at implementing our business change without their support.  They have become highly valued partners who have provided a unique mentoring role in guiding key individuals and, as a result, the wider organisation through its rite of passage to PPM and business maturity.”

Branch Head PPMU, DEFRA

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